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Network coverage


Which network does GoMo use and what is the network coverage like?

GoMo uses the mobile network of Salt. For further information, see Network coverage.

How is the network coverage of GoMo?

You benefit from a very good mobile network coverage throughout Switzerland, as we cover 99,9% of the population. However, as with all mobile networks, it is not possible to guarantee network coverage inside the building. Reception depends on the type of building: for example, if your house or flat was built according to Minergie standards with particularly thick building materials, or if calls are made from the basement, this can compromise the connection.

You can get all the information on mobile network coverage here.

Wi-Fi Calling

What is Wi-Fi Calling for?

When making calls within the country, Wi-Fi Calling via Wi-Fi ensures you always have optimal reception, even indoors where there is no mobile network coverage. When calling and texting abroad, you can avoid roaming costs with Wi-Fi Calling: Calls and SMS via Wi-Fi Calling are charged exactly the same as if you were making a call via the Salt mobile phone network in Switzerland.

Important: To ensure that your mobile phone does not connect to a mobile network, we recommend that you first switch on flight mode and then the Wi-Fi.

You can find the list of mobile phones compatible with Wi-Fi Calling, as well as the manufacturer's instructions, here.