Mobile telephony - best grade: 5.4 - - customer satisfaction survey - 03/2024

GoMo: Top Choice for Customer Satisfaction

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    Fast and reliable network, officially ranked “outstanding” in 2024 Connect test.

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    All calls. All SMS. All data. 5G included. Only CHF 12.95/month FOR LIFE!

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Simply order your GoMo SIM card here. We'll send it to you by courier. Pop it in your phone and enjoy unlimited internet, calls and SMS in Switzerland!

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GoMo Customers who subscribed before 2 October 2023 will keep their current prices.

Guaranteed price for life!

Unlimited calls as well as SMS and unlimited internet in Switzerland for only CHF 12.95 per month. Benefit from a guaranteed price for life: if you stay with GoMo, price increases are a thing of the past!

Unlimited 4G & 5G speeds

Benefit from unlimited 5G speeds in Switzerland and 99.9% 4G coverage of the population.


Order your GoMo SIM card; we'll send it out to you, then simply pop it in your phone, and you're good to go!

No minimum commitment

With GoMo, there are no strings attached! You have no minimum contract duration. You can bring your existing number.

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Benefit from the modern Swiss network and affordable roaming conditions for only CHF 12.95 per month with GoMo.

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Frequently asked questions

How is the network coverage of GoMo?

Across Switzerland, you generally enjoy excellent mobile network coverage, as we cover 99,9% of the population. Find all the information on mobile network coverage here.

Can I keep my current number?

If you provide us with a power of attorney during your GoMo SIM card order, we will take care of the transfer of your number from another provider. Simply complete the section “Transfer my number from another provide” on the order form. In the course of the number transfer, you will receive several SMS messages from us to the number to be transferred (i.e. your current number) with information on the porting status.

I have placed an order. When will I receive it?

Once your identity has been successfully verified, you will receive an email with your contract. You will then receive an email with the tracking number of your order. Generally, your order will be processed within 72 hours.