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CHF 9.95 for life.

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Simply order your GoMo SIM card here. We’ll send it to you by courier. Pop it in your phone and enjoy unlimited data, voice and SMS in Switzerland! GoMo is your newest and best value mobile phone plan.

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GoMo is the newest and best value Swiss rateplan.

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Most popular questions

What is the coverage of GoMo’s network ?2021-10-05T15:15:15+00:00

In most cases you should have a very good coverage as our network has 99% 4G coverage nationwide. Like all mobile networks, we can’t fully guarantee indoor coverage. Coverage in your house can vary depending on the type of building. For example, if your house is built with thicker materials or with the Minergie standard, or if you’re trying to access the network from a basement you may find it harder to connect to the network.

You can check the our Mobile Coverage Map here.

How do I keep my current number?2021-10-05T15:13:57+00:00

When ordering your GoMo SIM card(s), you can give us a proxy and we will take care of the transfer of your number.

Simply fill in the “Transfer your number from another provider” section on the order form.

During the number transfer process, you will receive several SMS messages from us on the number that will be transferred (i.e. on your current SIM card) informing you on the transfer status.

I have placed an order; when will I receive it?2021-10-05T15:12:43+00:00

After completing your order, you will receive an email with your order reference number. Normally, your order will be processed within 72 hours. Once the order has been successfully processed, you will receive a new notification to track the sending of your SIM card.

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