Here you can find our advice on the use of cell phones by minors.

We encourage parents to advise their children:

  • To protect their mobile phones with a code unknown to anyone else.
  • Not to give their phone number to strangers.
  • To deactivate the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions if not used.
  • To use anonymous login names and long complex passwords (at least 8 characters) with a combination of letters, special characters and numbers. They should not share this data with anyone.
  • Not to share any personal information on social networks or blogs.
  • Not to reply to calls or SMS of any kind whenever they come from an unknown sender. They should send a “STOP” SMS to the sender if they wish not to receive this kind of message anymore.
  • Not to open any attachments or files coming from an unknown address.
  • To keep their phone’s IMEI number safely at home, to prevent misuse in case the device is lost or stolen.