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Which network uses GoMo?2021-09-21T12:24:25+00:00

GoMo uses the Salt Mobile network.

To find out more about the quality of our network, please visit the network page.

What is the coverage of GoMo’s network ?2021-10-05T15:15:15+00:00

In most cases you should have a very good coverage as our network has 99% 4G coverage nationwide. Like all mobile networks, we can’t fully guarantee indoor coverage. Coverage in your house can vary depending on the type of building. For example, if your house is built with thicker materials or with the Minergie standard, or if you’re trying to access the network from a basement you may find it harder to connect to the network.

You can check the our Mobile Coverage Map here.

SIM card

How can I block the use of one or more of my lines?2021-09-20T07:31:21+00:00

If your SIM card was stolen, you can suspend the use of your card.

You will still be held accountable for the payments of your monthly subscription.

Where do I find my SIM PIN and PUK?2021-09-20T07:29:28+00:00

Your PIN and PUK are on the back of your SIM card holder, just scratch the panel to reveal the details. You can also find the information in your account MyGoMo, in the section “Account Details”.

How to I order a replacement SIM?2021-09-20T07:26:20+00:00

If your SIM has been stolen or damaged, you can order a new one on your account MyGoMo, in the section “Account Details”

Wifi calling

What is WiFi-Calling for?2021-09-21T12:15:08+00:00

If you are calling within Switzerland, you have excellent coverage inside any building with a WiFi connection.
If you call or send a message from abroad, you avoid roaming costs: calls and SMS messages sent via WiFi Calling are charged at the same rate as in Switzerland.

To ensure that the phone does not connect to the mobile network, we recommend turning on flight mode first and then activating WiFi.

You can find a list of all WiFi Calling compatible devices here.

How can I activate Wi-Fi Calling?2021-09-20T07:54:09+00:00

You can find the list of mobile phones compatible with Wi-Fi Calling as well as the manufacturer’s instructions here.

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