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Cancel my subscription

Final bill

I haven’t received my final bill2021-09-20T12:31:22+00:00

You will receive your final bill at the start of the next month after you leave. If this date has passed, sign into your MyGoMo account to see if your bill is there. If not, please contact us here.

My final bill is incorrect2021-09-20T12:38:26+00:00

If your final bill is incorrect, please contact us here.


How do I cancel my account?2021-09-20T12:41:34+00:00

To cancel your account, please contact us here.

Can I keep my mobile number when I leave?2021-09-20T13:53:48+00:00

Yes, you can move your number to another network if you choose to leave GoMo.

Please liaise with your new telecommunication provider in this regard. It will organize the portability of your existing provider with us directly.

How do I cancel one mobile number only on my account?2021-09-20T14:01:35+00:00

To cancel a mobile number from your account, please contact us here.

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